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With Whitefoot 3D, affordable, customised trophies, tokens, objectives and more can be CAD designed, 3D printed and finished especially for your Warhammer tournament, making your event unique.

Contact me as early as possible before your tournament with details of what you would like to achieve. I will discuss options with you with no obligation, and agree costs and timescales before any work is started.

  • All CAD designs will cost a minimum of £35, inclusive of the 30% design special offer discount (Facebook September 2017). Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design required.
  • In addition, each item to be 3D printed (and sprayed/painted if required) will vary in cost based on the design complexity and the quantity of items to be printed/finished.
  • Each club / group / individual may receive the advertised 30% discount on their very first design order only. The 30% discount does not apply to the 3D printing or finishing elements of any project.
  • All orders placed require a minimum 50% deposit of the total project cost before work begins, with the remaining is payable on delivery of your completed order.

Please contact me on Facebook or send an email to