Our terrain is BACK and available on our shop! We supply 3D printed terrain pieces for fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames. We are re-introducing Stormguard Terrain and two new ranges: the Dwarven Halls and the Exo-Planet terrain.

With your sword in hand, you scout around the corner of another pillar. What once was the proud city of Stormguard is now nothing more than a pile of ruins, home to nothing now except rats and filth. Explore with your party through the war torn buildings, climb the ruined stairs in the abandoned and crumbling towers for a vantage point against the enemy, try to take back what once was yours. 

An underground Dwarven City which has been under attack from the forces of evil for over a hundred years. Despite over half the Great Halls being lost, the last surviving factions of the Dwarven Alliance fight on. Perhaps one day, the Dwarven City will be reclaimed, and those same halls will once again be filled with dwarven songs and merrymaking. 

An alien world riddled with craters, spires, swamps and ponds. A bug-like species have made this world their own and intend to keep it save from invaders.